Become A Model !

We love connecting with our customers and involving them as much as we can. to the point where we will never spend money on models when that money could just go to the Kiwi birds! so we use friends, family and most importantly, you! customers of Kiwi Klothing!

If you purchase our clothing and like the way it looks, please send us a picture of you wearing it! you can tweet @KiwiKlothing, use Instagram with @kiwi_klothing_official, or even email the pictures with!

Our final goal is to have a model for every color of every product! if you send us a pic we may put it on our website as our official model picture! then you can go and brag to your friends that you are a real model! we will not put selfies on the product pictures however we would still love to see them!


Below are some amazing people who love to show off their Kiwi!


(Connor, our first ever customer, representing kiwi since day one!)


(Katie, A great friend, and a great fan, always retweets KiwiKlothing, even if we don't ask her)


(Mackenzie, a huge fan who jumped at the opportunity to be on the website)


(Kyle, an old friend, a new customer, always supportive and very friendly. The picture was taken by even newer fan Kylan)