Our Efforts

Kiwi Klothing is not just a brand that you want to show off to everyone, but it also helps a great cause. As time continues, Kiwi birds are becoming closer and closer to extinction. Just 80 years ago there were about five million of these cute creatures, today there are an estimated 50,000-60,000 left.

          Although some money must go to keeping the website up and the shirts being made, 50% of all profits will go to multiple charities in New Zealand to help these docile birds. So buy a product, and show off the great looking proof that you are helping an endangered species.

          So far we have "Kiwis for Kiwi" as our main charity we will be donating to, click the name to go to their website and find out more! we are also looking for more charities as we continue.

          Luckily, there are some people trying to keep them safe, throughout New Zealand allowing them to stay safe. We want to donate to these facilities and other great charities that will help the Kiwis. As of right now we are looking at a few trustworthy charities to donate to and when we receive enough money to donate, we will update this page to how much has been donated and to where so that all of our customers know where there money is going.

(Drawn By Bella Cruz)